Mayor asks for community feedback to mark 1000 days in office

Mayor asks for community feedback to mark 1000 days in office
Mayor asks for community feedback to mark 1000 days in office

Spokane Mayor David Condon celebrated his 1000th day in office Saturday, September 27 and he wants to know what you think of his performance so far.

“We’ve been moving rather quickly and, for some, not quickly enough, to make Spokane safer, stronger and work smarter,” said Mayor Condon during his weekly media briefing Monday morning. “We recognize that there is still a lot of work to do and be done over the years to come and, in doing our work, we have placed a priority on citizen engagement.”

Mayor Condon says the citizens of Spokane have been a great resource for ideas and feedback about the city’s priorities, and they want to continue using your input as a guide to future success. For the next two weeks, the city wants you to rate their performance in an online survey.

“We want to know how the community rates our performance; if our work remains aligned to your priorities and where you would like us to direct our attention in the future,” said Mayor Condon.

You can find the survey online at

The mayor is also asking for the public to help make any final revisions to the city’s operation budget for next year before it’s presented to City Council next Monday.

“Vital decisions are still being made. How aggressive or conservatively we project our revenue growth, how we prioritize or replenish our reserves, and how we allocate resources to best position Spokane for future success,” the mayor said.

You can view the entire budget online at, complete with an interactive tool that allows you to make changes and then submit them with commentary to the city.

And finally, Mayor Condon is reaching out to Spokane citizens to encourage them to share their neighborhood stories, and explain what makes them unique or what improvements could be made.

“Shaping Spokane will help us shape the framework for physical, social and economical development for our city,” said Mayor Condon. “to help us do that, we’ve created interactive maps for people to tell us about their Spokane. The information will be used to help shape policies for land use, transportation, parks, open spaces, shopping, dining, entertainment and employment.”

You can find the interactive maps and share your Spokane story at