Massive food recall result of Airway Heights water contamination

Massive food recall result of Airway Heights water contamination

Out of an abundance of caution, Washington state correctional industries voluntary recalled 319,000 pounds of meat, poultry, baked goods and frozen meals.

Some of the food was still in house; while part of the product was already at the Tribal entities, non-profit organizations and prisons across the Northwest they distribute to.

No dollar amount has been put on the loss that has closed the production facility down for nearly a week.

Washington State Corrections Industries Public Information Officer Lindsey Konrad said, “We’re looking at the amount of inventory that our customers had on the shelves and working with them to find alternate sources to replace that food so there’s that cost.”

Tomorrow that will change.

She adds, “We have a plan that has been approved by the USDA that involves product with meat and it has been approved. We will be utilizing potable water and not Airway Heights city water.”

They are still waiting for approval on a plan to produce baked goods.

Colonel Ryan Samuelson said they are set to complete the flushing for the city and then conduct testing Monday with results likely to come in Wednesday. They are not anticipating problems as the amount of clean water they want to be seeing is coming through the system now.