Marine Deputies focus on boater safety this weekend

Marine Deputies focus on boater safety this weekend

Kootenai County Marine Deputies will be out on lakes and rivers this weekend, conducting safety checks and making sure boaters are staying safe.

On Friday, six new marine deputies will graduate from training.

They practiced traffic stops on boats and conducted safety checks on Wednesday.

But they’re also going to be looking for wake zone violations and driving too close to shore or other boats.

So here are some things to remember before you dive in.

-Boat sober or have a designated operator, one who isn’t going to drink alcohol.
-Have enough life jackets for everyone on your boat.
-Children under the age of 12 are required by law to wear life jackets at all times, regardless of vessel size.
-If you’re going to swim, don’t jump in alone, even if you’re a strong swimmer.
-And make sure you have your proper, up to date boating registration.

“We don’t want anyy deaths out here on the water,” said Kootenai County Sergeant William Klinkefus. “And so the goal is to teach our deputies education is very important and we want to push them safety to all the boaters, and make sure that they’re aware of all the laws and safety requirements as well.”

Keep in mind, Lake Coeur d’Alene’s water level is still pretty high, there’s a lot of debris in the water from runoff, and the lake’s temperature is still in the 40’s.

That’s a lot to prepare for as you enjoy the sunshine.

The Coast Guard has created a boating safety mobile app, which is free to download and has weather reports, a safety check list, state boating information, and allows you to call for emergency assistance.