Marco Gonzales to Mariners fans: “We’ve got hungry guys that want to win.”

Marco Gonzales to Mariners fans: “We’ve got hungry guys that want to win.”

Alyssa: “We know baseball is a business full of transactions, but what is it like to have so many guys that you became close with traded in this postseason?”

Marco: “For me, understanding that business process and knowing that guy that got traded understands that process, it definitely helps a lot but when you have a guy like James Paxton or Mike Zunino, who I’m really close with and I value them as teammates, that’s hard and it’s the first couple days I know we were in shock you know and not only to lose a teammate and a friend but a couple couples that we liked and got a long with on the team and that was really special to us so they’ll be missed but there’s new opportunities for more to come in, too.”

Alyssa: “And with that small core that you guys do have, what do you tell fans that are freaking out on like you say, social media can be kind of poison, kind of toxic and crazy, people go a little nuts but it is a total change after this team hasn’t made the postseason since 2001, and all these words, what would you tell the fan base that’s kind of imploding.”

Marco: “Boy, that’s a tough one. I would say if anything, we’re gonna have a group of guys that are young and exciting, and i think we’ve got a lot of guys that are hungry and similar to last year, we’re gonna have a lot of guys in this rebuilding era that are gonna want to come in and prove that wrong and regardless of what the front office says, media says, fans say, we’re out there to win, I can’t speak for everyone but I know that we’re gonna have a core group of guys that are gonna want to have fun and win ball games, and we’re not gonna want to be out there losing.”

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