Man with kidney disease shares what the Spokane Valley Forza meant to him following its closure

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, many local businesses have been impacted by the restrictions set by local and state governments. 

That includes one of the Forza Coffee Company locations in Spokane Valley, which closed last Tuesday. 

While the local businesses’ other two locations are holding on, the owners of Forza worry about the widespread impacts losing small businesses can have. 

The word ‘Forza’ roughly translates to ‘strength of life.’ For those who worked and frequented the former coffee spot, those words hold extra value. 

“I’d come here like almost every day for almost ten years,” said Warren Frysinger. 

He’s sat in the same exact chair at the Spokane Valley Forza for what he can guess is more than a thousand times, even playing live acoustic guitar to lighten the mood for fellow patrons. Now, that time has come to an end. 

“You know, I got this feeling like a family and it meant so much to me and in fact they surprised me all one night when I was playing guitar. They all pitched in and bought me a mountain bike,” said Frysinger. 

Frysinger has kidney disease and is going through dialysis has been a struggle. Riding miles and miles each year has helped him mentally and physically. Considering he goes through three to four treatments a week, it’s especially needed. 

While many people speak about what community means to them, Warren and those who have worked at Forza for a long time know it’s a life saver. 

“We’re concerned about our customers like Warren and the people that come and see us daily that we nurture, they nurture us, we share stories, we share laughter,” said Loy Loomis, general manager at the Spokane Valley Forza. 

So the simple question remains: What’s next for the rock band member as he enters the next stage in his life? 

“It just opens up a new door for another chapter in life,” said Frysinger. “I feel like God closes one door and another one opens. So I’m just going to take it as it comes, but I’m just going to get through it and do the best I can.”