Man with active warrants leads deputies on chase through Airway Heights

Man with active warrants leads deputies on chase through Airway Heights
Spokane County Sheriff's Office

A man wanted on active warrants led deputies on a chase through Airway Heights on Tuesday, according to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office.

A deputy pulled 44-year-old Billy S. Temple near Lewis St. and Geiger Boulevard when they noticed his license plates were four years expired.

Temple pulled over immediately, but sped off before the deputy could approach the car.

The deputy ran back to his patrol car and initiated a pursuit. The deputy noticed a female passenger in the car and called in Airway Heights Police, as well as Kalispell Tribal Police to assist.

Deputies said sparks flew from Temple’s car as he sped through the Wal-Mart parking lot toward Hayford. He then tried to turn on 12th but ended up going into a dirt field. He missed a parked excavator, but deputies said his car went over a five-foot dirt berm before he started heading toward Highway 2.

Temple reportedly slammed on his breaks and attempted to turn, but his tires locked up. He lost control, skidded off the road and landed in a ditch.

Deputies said Temple was able to accelerate out of the ditch and barely missed a patrol car. One deputy saw the female passenger yelling and throwing her hands around, which made them fear she was being held against her will.

That was when deputies decided to initiate a PIT maneuver to stop the car.

As a deputy began the maneuver, Temple reportedly swerved toward the patrol car, which caused the deputy to move and avoid the collision.

The pursuit then continued up Sunset Boulevard. Deputies said Temple turned onto Grandview Ave and slowly rolled up the hill before finally coming to a stop. He was unable to continue and ultimately followed commands by authorities.

Deputies ran Temple’s name and found he had several warrants out for his arrest, including drug possession and second-degree assault. They also found he was driving on a suspended driver’s license.

The woman in the car was released at the scene without charges.

Temple was booked into jail for attempting to elude a police vehicle, two counts of possession of a controlled substance (heroin, methamphetamine), reckless endangerment, switched/false license plates, driving while suspended and on his two active felony warrants.