Man suffers apparent fiddlehead fern-induced amnesia

Man suffers apparent fiddlehead fern-induced amnesia

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife said Thursday that one of its officers had been called to investigate a man for trespassing and harvesting ferns in Mason County.

When the officer arrived at the private property they discovered a man harvesting fiddlehead ferns.

When the officer asked for the man’s identity, officials said the individual “forgot” how to spell his last name.

After multiple different spellings and thwarted attempts the officer was able to identify the man and the accurate spelling of his last name.

Investigators say the temporary amnesia may have stemmed from the fact that he had 2 felony burglary warrants. The man then admitted that the name he gave was his friends, who had no warrants, but sadly he could not remember how to spell the last name.

The individual was booked on his warrants and charges will be forwarded.

Fiddlehead ferns are sought after for culinary uses.