Man shot by officer was known to SPD

Man shot by officer was known to SPD

A knife-wielding man was shot dead by a Spokane Police officer early Saturday morning…

Just after midnight, an officer encountered a “suspicious subject” near Ninth and Adams.

“During the course of that contact, the subject displayed a knife… and then ended up fleeing from the officer,” said Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl.

The officer had called for backup, and pursued the subject.

Spokane Police caught up with the man, and made several attempts to detain him.

“We had multiple officers on scene and we also had multiple deployments of the Tasers as well, and the Taser was not effective during the times it was deployed in any of these instances,” Meidl said.

An officer, who has not been identified shot and killed the man, sparking a large investigation and questions about the use of deadly force.

“If you do get into the unfortunate situation where you do have to use deadly force, that deadly force is only to be used to stop the threat,” Meidl said.

Meidl said the area where the shooting occurrred is notorious for break-ins and that nd the officer involved was proactively patrolling the neighborhood.

“This area of Cannon Hill is what we call a hot spot. in talking with Captain Richards, we’ve struggled with a lot of break ins in this area. So with a hotspot, we ask our officers to try and be proactive about contacting individuals that are in that area,” he said.

Spokane Police were familiar with the territory- and with the subject.

“The Medical Examiner will release the name of the deceased, and the individual was known to us as well,” Meidl said.

The man had prior encounters with law enforcement.

“It’s a very unfortunate circumstance, certainly not the way we would have liked to see the situation go, but we are going to do our best efforts to keep the community safe as well,” Meidl said.

The Spokane Investigative Regional Response will be handling the investigation, which Meidl says could take at least seven weeks.

“There are officers that still need to be interviewed, there’s body camera [footage] that has to be reviewed. There were actually witnesses that were in the area at the time of the incident- they will have to be interviewed as well,” Meidl said.

Meidl said that when the information has been collected, the case will go to the prosecutor’s office. SPD will also conduct an administrative review.