Man repeatedly stabs himself after being contacted by Spokane Co. deputies

A man repeatedly stabbed himself in the chest after being contacted by Spokane County Sheriff’s Office deputies on Sunday afternoon.

According to a release, SCSO contacted a man and woman who were sleeping in a car near E. Mercer in North Spokane. Deputies woke the woman up, but a man in the passenger seat pretended to be asleep. The woman told deputies she was tired and pulled over to sleep, despite being close to her home. The man continued to close his eyes, but authorities saw the artery in his neck visibly pounding.
SCSO said they finally got the man’s attention, but he provided a fake name and birthdate. When the deputy asked if he was lying because there was a warrant out for his arrest, he nodded his head yes and said he hates jail.

SCSO said the man then became angry. He was asked to get out of the car, but instead reached over and locked the car doors. The woman inside the car then looked up at the deputy with concern.

Deputies ordered the man to get out of the car again and saw he had a folding knife clipped to the sleeve of his jacket. Deputies again ordered him to drop the knife. The man then looked down at the floorboard and said, “Oh, I though you meant this knife,” as he picked up an even larger one.

Deputies ordered him to drop the knife a third time. The man then opened the knife and forcefully plunged it into his own chest three times.

The woman was still in the car and deputies feared for her safety. One deputy reached through the half-opened driver’s window, unlocked the door and pulled her out to safety.

At that time, the man began screaming as blood began pooling in his lap. Deputies ordered him to drop the knife again and he refused. Deputies deployed a short burst of OC spray to the man’s face and he dropped the knife.

Deputies finally removed the man from the car and detained him. Medical assistance was requested, and one deputy applied Quick Clot to the large wound in the man’s chest.

The man later provided his name and when asked why he stabbed himself, he yelled, “I’m not going back!” He then lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital. On Monday morning, he was listed in satisfactory condition.

SCSO said the woman was shaken, but not injured. She said she met the man that evening when he asked her for a ride.

SCSO said an active warrant was out for the man’s arrest, but due to his medical condition and attempted suicide, he was not arrested.

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