Man raises over $21,000 to feed local organizations during COVID-19 outbreak

SPOKANE, Wash. — “I was stuck indoors and I thought, you know what? I don’t want to sit still, I want to do something.” 

Rick Clark had an idea. 

“I wanted to raise money to buy pizza from Pizza Rita and then, in turn, take that pizza and have it delivered over to Hope House and that was my only goal,” said Clark. 

So he went on live Facebook, and raised $500 in 20 minutes. 

“I actually called the pizza place and ordered it on the live video,” said Clark. 

Clark says he was so blown away, he decided to try it again the next day… and raised $800 in 11 minutes. 

On Thursday, he went live for the 22nd time. 

“We are definitely over the $21,000 mark now and that is unbelievable,” said Clark. 

He orders 40 to 200 meals a day from local restaurants. The business is a blessing for Chase Van Cotthem, co-owner of Shawn O’Donnell’s Irish Pub. 

“We’re counting down the hours until May 5th, you don’t hear many Irish pubs waiting for Cinco de Mayo,” said Cotthem.  

Clark’s team of volunteer drivers deliver food to homeless shelters, senior homes, and first responders. 

“We just fed six fire stations yesterday,” said Clark. 

On Thursday, he raised more than $1,000. 

That money will feed Meals on Wheels volunteers come Friday. Thursday night, dinners from Twigs, bought with donations from the day before, were delivered to Revive Re-entry Services, a place that helps men and women recently released from prison. 

His Facebook group, Live at 5 with Rick Clark, has more than 2,000 followers. 

“If you don’t have money we still want you to come watch the videos because you’re going to see humanity at its finest in about 11 minutes,” said Clark.

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