Man holds suspected burglar at gunpoint

Man holds suspected burglar at gunpoint

A Cusick area man called 911 Monday, August 27th, saying he was holding a suspected burglar at gunpoint. He told dispatch that as he walked out of his home Monday morning a pick-up truck he didn’t recognize was in his drive-way. The pick-up had the homeowner’s trailer hooked up to it.

The man grabbed his gun and phone and approached the pick-up. As he did, two men were coming out of his garage. He ordered the men to freeze. He fired a warning shot in the ground then one of the burglars ran off, the other obeyed and stayed.

Pend Orielle County deputies, Kalispel Police and Washington State Department of Corrections officers who were in the area responded to the 911 call.

They arrested 46 year old Donald R. Brown of Usk. He faces charges of burglary, theft and possession of stolen property.

Deputies recovered stolen items in the pick-up truck. At Brown’s home, they found additional stolen items belonging to the homeowner.

Investigators believe they know who the other burglar is and plan to make another arrest.