Man going over 100 mph arrested for DUI, suspended driver’s license

A man was arrested late Wednesday night for DUI after a Spokane Valley Deputy observed him traveling at speeds more than 100 mph on Highway 27.

At 11:20 p.m. Thursday, Deputy Tyler Kullman noticed a vehicle with a loud muffler traveling south on Pines toward him. The vehicle – a dark-colored truck – was going faster than the 35 mph speed limit posted. Deputy Kullman observed the truck accelerate as it passed his patrol car.

Deputy Kullman began to follow the vehicle and caught up with it in the area of 24th and Highway 27, where it began to pace at over 100 mph. Near 32nd Ave., he activated his emergency lights and performed a traffic stop.

The driver of the speeding truck, David A. Davis, 52, pulled into a parking lot on the corner and began to reach around the floorboard of his truck. Deputy Kullman ordered Davis to keep his hands on the steering and told Davis’ passenger to place his hands on the dashboard. A strong odor of alcohol was emanating from the vehicle as Deputy Kullman approached it.

Davis immediately became confrontational after Deputy Kullman made contact with him, telling the Deputy to “f**k off” and saying he was a “constitutionalist” who “didn’t need to identify himself.”

With probable cause to arrest Davis for reckless driving, Deputy Kullman opened the driver’s side door of the truck and told Davis to step out. Davis complied with Deputy Kullman’s orders and was placed in handcuffs while continuing to yell at the Deputy.

Deputy Skye Ortiz, also at the scene, contacted Davis who was arrested for reckless driving and driving while suspended, to start a DUI investigation. Davis continued to yell vulgarities as Deputies at the scene. Deputy Ortiz noticed a strong odor of intoxicants from Davis who was slurring his words and staggering from side to side with watery, bloodshot eyes. Davis declined to submit to a field sobriety test but was placed under arrest for DUI, as well.

Davis continued to use profanity at Deputies and made racial slurs toward Deputy Ortiz as he was advised of his rights. Davis requested to speak to an attorney and was placed in contact with a public defender. After, he was advised of his rights regarding a breath test, which he stated he understood but refused to take the test.

A search warrant for a blood sample was granted, and the same obtained and booked into evidence.

Davis was booked into the Spokane County Jail for DUI, Reckless Driving, Operating a Vehicle w/o an Interlock Device when Required, and Driving with a Suspended/Revoked Driver’s License. His bond has been set at $1,500.