Man frequently makes fake calls to Idaho suicide hotlines, Moscow Police say

police lights

MOSCOW, Idaho – A man has reportedly made several fake calls to different suicide hotlines, according to the Moscow Police Department.

MPD was the most recent target in the odd scheme. The department received a call from the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline early Friday that stated a man was suicidal and armed at an unknown location in Moscow.

MPD said the man identified himself only by first name and research indicated the call came from an internet-based number.

Hostage and crisis negotiators were called and spoke to the man for nearly 90 minutes. The man said he was at a home in the 700 block of East “E” street.

During the phone call, authorities could hear gunshots, but none were reported by officers who responded to the home.

Hostage negotiators were able to confirm the call to be a hoax. The caller reportedly made several inconsistencies, like changing his name during the call and giving fake information about his location as responders were on scene.

Officers ultimately did enter the home and confirmed he was not inside.

MPD said the caller ultimately said he was in Canada, mocked officers and challenged them to try and charge him for the hoax call.

MPD said the Veterans Suicide Hotline, which also works with the Idaho Suicide Hotline, has received similar calls from an individual identifying himself by the same name. The Veterans Hotline believes the calls came from someone in the Boise area.