Man escapes car as road collapses into flood waters

Man escapes car as road collapses into flood waters

A man survived a road collapsing right under him, leaping from his car to land.

Just before 6 a.m. Thursday morning Richard Ledgerwood was driving down Lind-Warden Highway on his way to work.

“I could not have had worse timing, ” said Ledgerwood.

Suddenly, the road and the land beneath him collapsed, sending Ledgerwood 15 feet down into a flooded gully.

As water began to fill his car, Ledgerwood escaped out a window and onto the roof of his car.

Ledgerwood credits his survival to one thing, his flashlight.

“It was dark. It was completely dark. I couldn’t see the bank, I couldn’t see anything,” said Ledgerwood.

That’s when he remembered what was in his pocket.

“I always carry a flashlight, it’s just my habit,” he said.

“I could see where the rocks were and actually get a hold of small rocks and without the flashlight, I wouldn’t have been able to do it,” he said.

Ledgerwood climbed up to the road where he flagged down another driver and sent him for help… in the meantime Ledgerwood stayed behind to guard the crumbling roadway for hours.

“We didn’t want anyone else coming through there,” he said.

Crews are assessing the damaged but they must wait for the water to subside to see just how bad it is.

“I’ve been here since September of 92′ and I’ve never seen a failure quite this bad,” said Scott Yaeger, the county engineer.

Yaeger says in about a month crews will build a temporary roadway for locals to use.