Man charged with DUI after leading police on pursuit

Man charged with DUI after leading police on pursuit

Spokane police arrested a man and charged him with a DUI when he led them on a pursuit after failing to stop at a traffic stop early Friday morning.

Police observed Joseph R. Guerrero in a Ford Mustang turn westbound on Francis from Addison without using a turn signal. The officer also observed an additional turn signal violation, an equipment brake violation, and, as Guerrero began to turn into a parking lot on Francis east of Division, he suddenly swerved back into the lane of travel.

A male passenger could also been seen in the car.

The deputy tried to conduct a traffic stop on N. Division, but Guerrero continued to drive slowly through the parking lot. Guerrero then accelerated rapidly, hitting a large dip so hard sparks flew out from underneath the vehicle. He continued to accelerate, swerving wildly to avoid hitting concrete dividers and cars in the parking lot.

Guerrero lost control of his vehicle and started to spin when he turned north on Addison, but regained control and continued northbound. He then turned into the parking lot of the Lyons Crest Apartments and stopped.

The deputy ordered Guerrero to exit the vehicle, but he didn’t comply. The deputy then took Guerrero to the ground and tried to handcuff him.

Guerrero tried to pull his arms free and didn’t follow commands. After a short struggle, the deputy placed him in handcuffs.

The male passenger was detained without incident.

A bottle of whiskey, 1/3 full, was sitting on the driver’s seat. Guerrero appeared to be intoxicated but denied drinking. He said he was just trying to get something to eat and go home.

Guerrero was transported to Spokane County Jail. After blood testing, he was booked for attempting to elude a law enforcement vehicle, DUI, and resisting arrest. He was also issued infractions for failure to signal, broken brake light, improper lane usage, and driving without a valid driver’s license.

The passenger, who was also found to be intoxicated, was not charged with a crime.