Man behind ‘Curing Spokane’ video donated nearly $1000 to Woodward campaign

Previously donated same to Stuckart campaign
Man behind ‘Curing Spokane’ video donated nearly $1000 to Woodward campaign
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Spokane developer Larry Stone commissioned the video

Two days after telling 4 News Now he was remaining “neutral” in the Spokane mayoral race, the developer behind the controversial “Curing Spokane” video donated nearly $1,000 to candidate Nadine Woodward.

According to documents filed with Washington’s Public Disclosure Commission, Lawrence Stone donated $970 to Woodward’s campaign. The donation report was received on August 31, 2019.

Two days before, Stone gave an interview on the day “Curing Spokane” debuted. The video focuses on the crime and homeless issues in Spokane and offers four solutions. Those solutions include moving the STA plaza underground, putting more police on foot patrols downtown and more free parking.

Because he’s the developer of projects throughout the region, 4 News Now asked if the video was politically motivated. Stone said he was not backing either candidate.

He had previously donated to Stuckart’s campaign as well. Stone donated $950 to Stuckart in January, then another $20 in July. After the video was released, The Inlander reported that Stuckart pulled Stone’s name from a list of endorsers.

Woodward publicly praised Stone’s video, saying on Facebook, “Thank you, Larry, for recognizing the need for a stronger, more visible presence, with officers on foot patrol in the city’s core enforcing our laws.”

Her opponent, Ben Stuckart, criticized the video. Stuckart said, “I don’t see how Larry can watch his own film and decide the solutions are parking spaces instead of mental health treatment, underground bus stations instead of affordable housing, and a bigger jail instead of programs that get our people out of poverty.”

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