Man banned from Starbucks claims ageism

Man banned from Starbucks claims ageism

It’s a story making headlines around the world: A man claims he was kicked out of a Spokane Starbucks because of ageism.

The man says he slipped a note to a flirty barista asking her out, then came back the next day to discover he was no longer welcome at the location because the note made the woman uncomfortable.

The man seems to have an obsession with dating young women. He runs a blog and a YouTube channel devoted to explaining why young women around the age of 18 should only date men over 35. Comments in his blog make us question his mental stability, and that’s why we are not identifying him.

He even threatens to commit suicide if he can’t date a woman younger than 26.

In an emailed statement, the man writes: “I wrote to a barista at Starbucks who was flirty. I’m not a pedophile. You have to be 16 to work at Starbucks. The age of consent in Washington State is 16. I have no idea how old she was, but I do know my actions were polite and legal.”

The age of consent is 16 in Washington, but only with partners who are less than five years older. In his statement he continues to say the word “creep” is a bigoted term, and he thinks what happened is a hate crime.

But, as we dug into posts he’s made online, it became clear this man has an obsession with younger women.

A blog post he wrote included a lengthy manifesto purporting to have scientific evidence as to why women should only date men older than 35.

He also claimed to believe the age of consent for men should be raised to 35 years old. We learned the man has a criminal history out of Pierce County, including violating a protection order in 2012.

And he isn’t just banned from Starbucks. His behavior has also got him kicked out of Truth Ministries.

In a statement to KXLY 4 News, Starbucks said they would not tolerate harassment against employees, which has been praised on the Facebook page.

One user writes,”Thank you for standing up for your young employee who was approached romantically by an older man. As a mom of two teen girls, I applaud a business for standing up for their employees when they feel violated or uncomfortable.”

Another said, “As someone who was in customer service as a teen, I want to say thank you for protecting your employees from harassment.”

In an email exchange with the man, he claims he has a lawyer and will be pursuing a lawsuit against Starbucks.