Man arrested for trespassing at assisted living home

Spokane Co. press conference to address property crimes
Spokane County Sheriff's Office

A man was arrested early Thursday morning for trespassing at an assisted living residence after apparent car trouble.

Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the 7700 block of N. Wall to a report of a possibly intoxicated or confused man inside of the home.

The caregiver at the home heard the front door close around 1 a.m. and found it strange since he wasn’t expecting a new client. He found a male, later identified as Casey J. Barbour, 28, standing in the front room. Barbour said he was having car troubles. The caregiver offered to help with the problem in an attempt to coax Barbour to leave, but instead, Barbour walked into the kitchen of the residence.

The caregiver called 911 and kept his distance from Barbour. After making the phone call, the caregiver heard the front door close and observed Barbour standing near a white truck parked in the front yard of the residence.

Deputy Brent Miller and several additional units arrived at the residence and detained Barbour. The white F250 truck was parked partially in the yard and was blocking the sidewalk and part of the roadway. When asked about the incident, Barbour gave no response.

During a check of Barbour’s name, an active misdemeanor warrant for his arrest came up. Barbour was transported and booked into the Spokane County Jail for the warrant – a charge of reckless driving – and first-degree criminal trespass.