Man arrested for robbing WinCo Foods, reportedly threatening employees with knife

Man arrested for robbing WinCo Foods, reportedly threatening employees with knife
Spokane County Sheriff's

Deputies arrested a man who robbed the WinCo Foods in Spokane Valley and allegedly threatened an employee with a knife on Friday.

According to a release, Spokane Valley Deptuties responded to the call around 4 a.m. from employees who said 29-year-old Scott Baxter threatened them while armed.

One cashier said Baxter came through his line, placing a beer can, the contents in his pockets, and a large red kitchen knife on the conveyor belt.

Baxter allegedly told the employee to tell his boss he’d tried to “slice” him. He then reportedly made a stabbing motion at the employee, took the items from the conveyor belt, and left.

Based on the description employees gave, deputies were able to find Baxter just east of the store’s parking lot. When they contacted him, deputies said Baxter immediately stood with his hands in the air.

Not sure if Baxter was still armed, deputies used both lethal and less-lethal tactics while commanding him to drop to the ground, a release said.

Baxter reportedly yelled random phrases, stripping his clothes off from the waist down and sitting on the ground, but refused to fully lay down.

At one point, Baxter reportedly yelled, “I’ll kill you, then I’ll kill your (expletive) (expletive) too! I will (expletive) execute you!”

One deputy was able to gain Baxter’s attention and calm him down so deputies could arrest him without incident. When they did, they found Baxter was unarmed.

He was given medical attention for a cut on his hand that was attained before his contact with deputies.

After a search of the parking lot, deputies found a large red kitchen knife that they believe was Baxter’s.

He was booked into the Spokane County Jail for robbery 1st degree, assault 2nd degree, and two counts of harassment- threats to kill.