Man admits to firing shot into the air in Spokane Valley, deputies say

Man admits to firing shot into the air in Spokane Valley, deputies say
Spokane County Sheriff's Office
Deputies said a man admitted to firing a shot into the air in Spokane Valley. 

A man was arrested after admitting to firing a shot into the air in Spokane Valley on Monday.

According to a release from the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, a caller reported seeing the suspect holding a black pistol out of the driver’s window of his car, pointing it straight up into the air and firing a shot. He said the car was driving east on Sprague, west of Fancher at the time.

Deputies responded and found the car 20 minutes later near Greenacres and Mission.

Deputy Walton tried to stop the car, but the driver, later identified as 31-year-old Mohamed H. Abed, did not stop. Authorities said Abed continued drive, obeying traffic laws, back to his home on E. Shannon.

When Abed arrived at the residence, he backed into the driveway. Authorities could not see his hands and could not tell if he was holding a weapon. Walton deployed his patrol rifle and began giving commands for Abed to show his hands.

Deputies said Abed looked toward an assisting Liberty Lake officer and ignored the commands. He then started to drive forward around Deputy Walton’s patrol car and in the direction of the Liberty Lake officer.

Back up was called to the scene as Deputy Walton drew his weapon and yelled for Abed to stop.

Deputies said Abed continued to back up the driveway and reached toward his waistband.
Abed then reportedly put both hands up and reached back toward the right side of his waste. This happened a second time before he exited the vehicle with his hands visible.

Additional law enforcement members responded to the scene and Abed ultimately complied with commands. He was taken into custody without further incident.

Deputies said Abed admitted to firing the shot into the air near Sprague and Fancher. When asked if he understood the bullet could have struck and injured someone, he reportedly said “What goes up must come down.”

Abed’s girlfriend arrived at the location and explained that when he lived in Florida, he was diagnosed with a mental illness. At that time, she reportedly petitioned for the Florida Courts to take away his gun rights, but the request was denied. She said she did not feel safe with Abed having access to firearms and gave deputies permission to retrieve three additional guns. They were booked into property for safekeeping. Deputies said the pistol he fired into the air was booked into property as evidence.

Abed was transported and booked into the Spokane County Jail for drive-by shooting and failing to stop and obey.