Man admits killing two women, dismembering bodies in Adams County

Adams Co

OTHELLO, Wash – Hours after discovering a grisly crime scene and dismembered bodies in a car, a man admitted to Adams County investigators he killed both women.

Adams County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Mauricio Nava-Garibay on Thursday, hours after finding the bodies. They were so badly dismembered, at first the deputies didn’t know if they were human or animal remains.

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Court documents say Nava-Garibay waived his rights and agreed to an interview. Deputies say he told them he got in a fight with his girlfriend, Dora Martinez on Wednesday evening. He said he hit her in the face, then a few minutes later, said he had a gift for her and asked her to come in the car with him. When she got in, Nava-Garibay said he stabbed her multiple times and strangled her with an extension cord.

Guadalupe Martinez came into the garage and Nava-Garibay said he threw her to the ground and she hit her head on the garage floor. Nava-Garibay then cut her throat.

He said he dismembered their bodies because they were too heavy to lift into the car. He then drove to a location where he left the car with the bodies inside.

Court documents say Nava-Garibay can be seen on a surveillance camera walking near the scene. He admitted stashing the knife, his blood-stained clothing and other items at a third location.

When he was arrested, the tank top he was wearing was still soaked in blood.

Court documents say Guadalupe was Autistic and had the mental capacity of a five or six year old.

Nava-Garibay was booked into the Adams County Jail on two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of removal or concealment of a body.