Man accused of attacking three adults, stabbing a child and a dog in Spokane Valley

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — A Spokane Valley man has been arrested for reportedly stabbing three people, including a child, and a dog.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office arrested 43-year-old James D. Neill on Sunday morning.

Victims said Neill had been living at a home on N Velox Rd off and on, and had also been using methamphetamine. They told authorities he suddenly got up without warning, picked up a knife and randomly stabbed his first victim — a man in his 60s. Deputies said Neill apparently used the dull side of the knife because the victim only had a small nick.

That man broke free and ran to warn others inside the home.

A second victim — a man in his 40s — tried to take the knife away from Neill, but had his armed slashed, deputies said. That man grabbed a crowbar in an effort to defend himself and others.

He told deputies Neill then tried to break into the bedroom of a woman living in the home. He reportedly broke the door down, injuring the woman as he entered the room.

It was then that Neill stabbed a child in the upper torso, deputies said. The younger male victim tried hitting Neill with the crowbar, but he took it and drove away from the scene in a stolen car.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, it was later learned that throughout all of this, Neill had also slashed a small dog in the back.

Shortly after all of this, an unrelated victim reported a man, later identified as Neill, trying to steal her car near N Best Rd and E Forker Rd.

Deputies responded, then began to follow Neill, trying to pull him over. When he refused, deputies conducted a PIT maneuver and stopped him near Bruce and Day Mount Spokane Rod.

Neill then got out of his car, but would not listen to commands. A deputy shot a beanbag round at him, but it did not stop him. Neill then got into his car and drove away.

Additional units arrived and deployed spike strips, as well as a second PIT maneuver in an effort to get him to stop. The car ultimately spun and went into a ditch on the side of Highway 2.

Deputies said Neill then tried to run away as they shot additional beanbag rounds to try and stop him. He ultimately went to the ground and was taken into custody.

Neill was provided medical treatment before being booked into jail on several charges, including first-degree assault of a child, first-degree assault, two counts of second-degree assault, first-degree animal cruelty, theft of a motor vehicle, attempted theft of a motor vehicle, attempting to elude police and resisting arrest.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, all victims, including the dog, are expected to recover.