Man accused of murdering girlfriend extradited from Missoula Co. to Spokane

Man accused of murdering girlfriend extradited from Missoula Co. to Spokane
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Inmate photo provided by the Missoula County Jail. 

The man accused of murdering his girlfriend in North Spokane was extradited to Spokane on Friday and will make his first appearance in a Washington courtroom on Monday.

Bryce Thompson, 19, was arrested in Montana for premeditated murder in the first degree and has been held there on a $1 million bond since July 17.

According to court documents, Thompson admitted to killing 20-year-old Alyssa Dodd. The Spokane County Medical Examiner said she died from blunt head injuries.

Court documents revealed Thompson told detectives he came up with plans to kill Dodd several days before her death. During the interview, Thompson told detectives his plan to murder Dodd while she slept, and also admitted he originally planned to kill her sister as well.

According to the interview, Thompson’s plan was to force Dodd’s sister to transfer $20,000 into his account. He then said he planned on killing her once the transaction was complete.

According to Detective Brian Cestnik, Thompson searched the house while Dodd’s sister was at the store and admitted to stealing $4,000 in cash from Dodd’s sister’s boyfriend. Thompson then left the house without killing Dodd’s sister because he told Cestnik he believed the stolen cash would be enough to get him to Montana.

Thompson admitted to taking Dodd’s sister’s car, and driving it to Montana, where he was later taken into custody when authorities were able to use OnStar to find the car’s location.

Local law enforcement immediately jumped into action, and Thompson was arrested by US Marshals and Missoula County Sheriff’s Office deputies after a chase through the woods in Missoula County on foot.

Court documents state detectives found a stolen handgun, cash, marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms, as well as a sweatshirt that belonged to Dodd, and both Dodd and her sister’s car keys when they searched Thompson’s backpack.

When Detective Cestnik asked Thompson why he felt the need to kill Dodd, Thompson said, “I guess I wanted to go out with a bang.” He later told Cestnik that he eventually planned on killing himself.