Man accused of murdering 70-year-old Clark Fork man faces cannibalism charge

CLARK FORK, Idaho– The man accused of murdering a 70-year-old man in September is facing a cannibalism charge.

Court documents show that James Russell, 39, had the charge added in relation to the death of 70-year-old David Flaget.

The Shoshone News-Press said during the day of the murder, detectives found pieces of Flaget’s body inside Russell’s home. The newspaper reported that a bloody knife and microwave bowl were also found in the search.

Flaget’s body was found inside a car in September, investigators said. The Bonner County Sheriff’s Office said when his body was found, deputies also found Russell living on the property.

While detectives were investigating, they said they established probable cause that Flaget had died at the hands of Russell. He was then charged with first-degree murder.

The Shoshone News-Press said some of Flaget’s body parts still haven’t been found.

Russell’s next court date is set for Dec. 28.

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