Man accused of assaulting SPD officer during traffic stop

police lights

SPOKANE, Wash. — A 54-year-old man is accused of assaulting a police officer during a traffic stop in downtown Spokane.

According to the Spokane Police Department, Kevin Hicks stopped his vehicle in an intersection, ignoring a green light, to let a woman into his car. SPD said it appeared Hicks was engaging in prostitution.

The officer tried to stop Hicks by using his PA system and emergency lights, but Hicks reportedly yelled at the officer and drove away.

Hicks then stopped his vehicle in the road a block away, yelled at the officer, then drove off again, police said.

Officers said Hicks finally stopped a few blocks away, jumped out of his car and appeared to be dropping an item into his car while cranking up the window. He refused to follow commands and resisted being detained.

According to police, Hicks tried to run away before spinning and striking the officer on the shoulder with his hand. He broke free then turned his back to the officer and dug into his front pants pockets.

Hicks then spun and punched the officer in the chest, police said.

The officer tased Hicks in the chest, but that did not stop him from being aggressive. Police tried tasing him a second time, but that was ineffective, as well.

According to police, the officer tried to hold Hicks against the patrol car, but he kicked backwards and struck the officer in the knee.

Backup arrived and helped take Hicks into custody. Even after being handcuffed, he tried to run away.

He was booked into jail for failing to obey an officer, resisting arrest, third-degree assault and driving with a license suspended.

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