Malden man’s home one of 20 still standing in fire’s aftermath

MALDEN, Wash. — Out of the nearly 120 homes in Malden, only 20 are still standing on Tuesday. 

What do you say when you’re one of the lucky ones? 

“Oh, I can’t even talk,” said Larry Frick. “Just things blowing up and the neighbors ATVs, just everything was blowing up around us,” said Larry Frick. 

Frick’s home is one of the few still standing in Malden. His neighbors, however, have nothing left. 

“My wife was in hysteria, really, because you couldn’t even see the road coming in, the smoke was so bad and the fires were coming across the road,” said Frick. 

The house next to Frick and across the street both turned to ash around him, but the flames were too much. The fire was too strong. 

Less than 24 hours after the fire sent flames across town, Frick is cleaning up some of the destruction. 

Sweeping up ash and wondering what comes next. 

“I don’t know,” said Frick. “I’m afraid this might be the end of the town, itself. I don’t know, because everything is gone and a lot of people that live here. I don’t know how many will want to rebuild.” 

While most of the fires are out, there are still many spots around the area that are smoldering. Whitman County Sheriff’s Office is strongly encouraging people to stay out of the town until crews can get everything under control.

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