Malden gets some help rebuilding from 4 News Now’s Extreme Team

MALDEN, Wash. — The residents of Malden are getting some help rebuilding their home, which was devastated by a wildfire last month. 

Mark Peterson and the 4 News Now Extreme Team are helping clear out the burnt wreckage. 

Residents have compared what’s left in the small town to the destruction that was left behind as a result of a World War II battle. Now, the process of cleaning and rebuilding is just beginning. 

“With that wind, man, there wasn’t much of a chance,” said resident Rich Veltri. 

His home of thirty years still stands, with just a few hundred dollars in damage from the fires. 

Town officials are still coordinating and figuring out what the most important issues are before rebuilding can even begin. 

While Malden is still waiting for FEMA assistance, the state Department of Ecology is providing free testing for asbestos, lead and silica. 

The goal is to see if there are any long-term threats to life and safety for the residents after the immediate threats were already removed. 

Veltri says he can’t see the town ever being what it was before the fire. 

“I really doubt it, I really do,” said Veltri. “I don’t look for a lot of people to come back in an rebuild, really.” 

You can watch Mark and the Extreme Team clear the way beginning tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. on 4 News Now and right here.