Making Spirits Bright: Light display brings community together

The 4 News Now Extreme Team is hard at work, putting up Christmas lights for children at the Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital. They’re actually not the only ones that get to enjoy the lights anymore, it’s also now something for the community.

For the last three years, Mark Petersen and the Extreme Team have been bringing joy at Cowley Park.

Many come out to help put the lights together for one reason: “We’re out here for the kids,” Jay Wilkins said, a firefighter.

The place no longer just brings joy to children, it’s for the adults as well.

“We’re here just being part of the community and setting up lights and being part of this great event,” said Kevin Campbell, with BECU.

Days of untangling lights and figuring out what goes where turns into something beautiful for everyone to enjoy in the end.

“For me I like seeing the lights driving up to the hospital to come to work, it’s pretty nice,” said Rachael McKinney, with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

From firefighters to even Santa and credit union staff stringing lights together and getting to know one another.

“It honestly really brings the crew together. It’s something, you can sit in a cubicle all day long and get to know your coworkers, but coming out here and doing stuff like this it’s really like builds family in your work,” said Erick Peck, with BECU.

The big reveal is Thursday. Make sure to watch live coverage starting at 5 p.m. on 4 News Now.

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