4 The Helpers: Healthcare workers react to light display at Cowley Park

SPOKANE, Wash. — In a year which has changed how we see our world, one familiar view returns outside Sacred Heart Hospital. 

“Seeing traditions come to life, it just feels normal in this time that’s been so hard,” said Tara Dawe. 

For pediatric ICU nurses like Tara Dawe, looking through the hospital windows and seeing trees filled with lights brings some brightness to an otherwise darker time. 

“Seeing those lights, it really helps you start your shift off with a sense of hope and love,” said Dawe. 

A sense of security. A moment of calm. A gesture of support for both healthcare heroes and the kids they watch over in the Pediatric ICU. 

“The children and the parents are going through, usually some very stressful and difficult times,” said Dr. Michael Van Dyke. 

He cares for some of the youngest patients. Their little bodies battling the unimaginable. Sepsis, heart disease, and cancers. 

“A lot of our patients are unable to leave the unit,” said Dr. Van Dyke. 

Now COVID-19 is adding another layer of separation between children and their loved ones. 

“This year more than ever, families do need the positivity anywhere they can get it,” said Dr. Van Dyke. 

The Extreme Team’s lights will hang once again, giving a glimmer of hope and magic in the long winter months ahead for all who need it.

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