Make memories and learn with your kids this spring break at Mobius Spokane

If you’re looking to get your kids away from the screen to make some special memories this spring break, Mobius Spokane has you covered.

Each day, labs and camps cover topics like making bridges out of gum drops and tooth picks, enchanted fairy forests, dissections and optical illusions.

“It adds to the visitors experience and it teaches the kids something extra,” said Mobius Spokane’s Amanda Gilliam. “At the Science Center you don’t have to register and you can just show up and you’re doing it all together as a family and you are learning about what the topic of the day is. The Children’s Museum is a little more structured.”

It was at the parachute-making lab where we found the DeGroat family. They were checking out the Science Center for the first time.

Jessica DeGroat described what she loved about the experience. “It’s hands on,” she said. “Kids can be themselves and I don’t have to worry. Yesterday I took them to the store and I was like ‘get back here! Don’t run over there!’ but here they can have fun, relax and learn at the same time.”

Jessica’s kids enjoyed the lab but nothing topped the Matter Splatter slime exhibit.

“I like that it’s sticky and you can form it in to all stuff,” said eight-year-old Kambria DeGroat.

Kids don’t even realize they are learning science lessons way beyond their years as they make and play with different types of slime, but that isn’t the only exhibit worth checking out.

In Moneyville, kids can actually put their faces on bills and learn about finances at the very same time.

“It teaches all the fundamentals of money and budgeting and you get to print your own money and I think parents really think wow, this is a good thing to start young,” said Gilliam.