Mail found in stolen truck leads police to arrest

Police lights
Credit: Grant County Sheriff's Office

SPOKANE, Wash. — A suspected thief was tracked down by police after he left a piece of mail in a stolen truck.

The victim told police his stolen truck had been recovered, but it had been stripped of several items, including the rims. When looking through the truck, the victim found lots of garbage, but also a piece of mail with the suspect’s address on it.

The victim then drove to the address and found what appeared to be his rims, as well as other parts from his truck, installed on a different truck.

Officers then responded and found the suspect, 36-year-old James Riddle, standing in the driver’s side doorway of a white, unlicensed truck with the rims. Riddle reportedly told police the truck was his, but someone else had borrowed it and returned it with the rims installed.

Since Riddle had the stolen items on his truck, police found probable cause to arrest him for possession of stolen property and possession of a stolen motor vehicle.