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The Magic of Storytelling campaign is a collaboration between Disney Publishing Worldwide and Disney|ABC Television Group to help First Book put brand-new books into the hands of children in communities nationwide. Through this campaign, Disney and First Book have donated millions of books to children in need, encouraging them to read and create the stories of tomorrow. First Book is a nonprofit that provides new books to educators and organizations serving children from low-income families.

Funding for literacy programs has been reduced and books that come from Federal Title I monies have restrictions on how the books can be used. KXLY is spreading the word about this program and asking local businesses to sponsor schools of their choice (who qualify). First Book and Disney|ABC is allowing Title 1 teachers to use the books in the way that works best for them and the build out of their programs. Some schools are organizing parent/child literacy nights, where they send a book home with a child. Others are creating a revolving check-out library, so books can be shared by all, but can still go home with a child.


If there is a school missing below that your business would like to sponsor, please call or email our General Sales Manager, Debbie Sieverding.


2018 Sponsored Schools

Each school receives at least 500 books from each of their sponsorships

Adams Elementary School - Spokane, WA

Audubon Elementary School - Spokane, WA 

Bemiss Elementary School - Spokane, WA

Brentwood Elementary School - Spokane, WA

Broadway Elementary School - Spokane Valley, WA

Evergreen Elementary School - Spokane, WA

Fernan Elementary School - Coeur d'Alene, ID

Fort Colville Elementary School - Colville, WA

Franklin Elementary School - Spokane, WA

Freeman Elementary - Rockfort, WA

George Elementary School - George, WA

Grant Elementary School - Spokane, WA

Greenacres Elementary School - Spokane Valley, WA

Heyburn Elementary - St. Maries, ID

Hofstetter Elementary School - Colville, WA

Lakeview Terrace Elementary School - Moses Lake, WA

Larson Heights Elementary School - Moses Lake, WA

Longfellow Elementary School - Spokane. WA

McGhee Elementary School - Lewiston, ID

Michael Anderson Elementary School - Medical Lake, WA (Fairchild AFB)

North Elementary - Moses Lake, WA

Ponderosa Elementary School - Post Falls, ID

Progress Elementary School - Spokane Valley, WA

Regal Elementary School - Spokane, WA

Sagle Elementary School - Pend Oreille, WA

Shiloh Hills Elementary School - Spokane, WA

South Pines Elementary School - Spokane Valley, WA

Trent Elementary School - Spokane, WA

Whitman Elementary School - Lewiston, ID

Winton Elementary - Coeur d'Alene, ID

Thank You To All Of Our Proud Sponsors

Each sponsorship will provide 500 books to a school or literacy program that qualifies. Currently over 80 schools and community programs throughout our region that have pre-qualified and more are registering.

Sponsors of Franklin Elementary   

Sponsors of Evergreen Elementary   

Sponsors of Fort Colville Elementary, Hofsetter Elementary, Whitman Elementary   

Sponsors of Brentwood Elementary   

Sponsors of North Elementary & Larson Heights Elementary   

Sponsors of Regal Elementary and Progress Elementary   

Sponsors of Heyburn Elementary & Winton Elementary

Sponsors of Greenacres Elementary   

Sponsors of Ponderosa Elementary

Sponsors of Bemiss Elementary   

Sponsors of Grant Elementary   

Sponsors of Longfellow Elementary   

Sponsors of Audubon Elementary   

Sponsors of Broadway Elementary   

Sponsors of Shiloh Hills Elementary & Michael Anderson Elementary   

Sponsors of Adams Elementary, George Elementary, Lakeview Terrace Elementary, McGhee Elementary, Fernan Elementary, Sagle Elementary, South Pines Elementary & Freeman Elementary

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