Made in the Northwest: WSU making ‘Cougar Clean’ hand sanitizer

PULLMAN, Wash. – Like toilet paper, hand sanitizer is tough to find on store shelves these days. So Washington State University asked its Environmental Health and Safety Department to try making it themselves.

“Normally, we are doing hazardous waste management, but we’ve had to switch our processes over to help the university,” said Jason Sampson, an assistant director with Environmental Health and Safety. “And right now, they need the hand sanitizer because it’s very difficult to buy.”

They call it Cougar Clean. WSU worked with the Attorney General’s office to come up with an approved product, following a Food and Drug Administration and World Health Organization recipe.

Sampson said the recipe calls for “Ethanol, glycerol, 3% hydrogen peroxide and distilled water.”

“We measure it, mix it and then we put it into containers that they actually distribute to the essential personnel on campus.”

So far, WSU has made a few dozen gallons of Cougar Clean, but it has enough supplies to make around 800 gallons. And Environmental Health and Safety will even deliver it to essential employees on the Pullman campus to let them know they’re appreciated.

“Sometimes, it’s just the little things that can help them feel more secure and safer and that the rest of the university is trying to help them out as much as possible,” said Sampson.

Showing that Cougar pride by keeping Cougars clean.