Made in the Northwest: Woodworker Network

Peter Griessmann has been working with wood his entire life.

“Grew up in a cabinet shop with a father cabinet maker. Grandfather cabinet maker,” said Greissmann, who co-owns the Woodworker Network with his wife.

But Griessmann gravitated towards lumber, opening the Woodworker Network in Addy in 1992. It’s still a woodworking supply and finish store, but once the company started cutting wood slabs, its products slowly built a following.

“That has now, just in the last few years, exploded to they’re everywhere,” said Greissmann. “So the demand for the slabs and how they’re applied and used has increased.”

The small crew at the Woodworker Network prides itself on personalizing every piece.

“You know, a lot of folks want that personal touch.”

And Griessmann loves the lasting quality of wood.

“It sticks around. It can be used in a myriad of applications. And if maintained over time, it’ll last generations.”

Slabs of wood are first flattened on a CNC machine in the Woodworker Network’s full shop.

“Our shop flattens, sands and then eventually finishes the piece, so it’s a quality piece,” explained Greissmann.

With all of its tools, and decades of experience, the company can make just about anything you can want out of wood.

“A lot of mantles, a lot of table tops like this, a lot of bars, bar tops. Even we’ve done kitchen sinks and counters and vanities.”

Even burnt wood can be turned into something beautiful.

“This was burnt down during a fire,” Greissmann said as he showed off a table top in his shop. “Had some fire damage on it. We incorporated that into the piece and here it is.”

They also use epoxies. So things that are seen as defects in the wood, “Now becomes a unique attribute.”

One of the Woodworker Network’s most visible projects can be seen at Fired Up Pizza in Chewelah.

“The entire place was done with Blue Pine. 30 foot long bar. So it’s very unique. Very one off.”

Griessmann won’t mind if the Woodworker Metwork grows a little, but he believes it’s better off being small.

“Give very personal service, unique, one of a kind attention to each piece. And that gives us a better product we feel.”

A better product that can last for generations.

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