Made in the Northwest: Twilight Bedding

Made in the Northwest: Twilight Bedding
Twilight Bedding has been family owned and operated since 1987.

Twilight Bedding owner Vinny Defazio was born into the mattress making business. His late father started the company in his garage in 1987 and it’s still truly family owned and operated.

“It’s me, my brother. We used to work here when we were kids and we still do,” explained Defazio. “And I brought my cousin on board and my other cousin, he’s our sales rep for the weekend. And I’ve got my mom on my books.”

And since a local competitor closed it doors, business at Twilight Bedding, with its seven employees, has been bursting at the seams.

“We’ve been hit with so many people coming towards us and asking us to help them and supply them with mattresses,” said Defazio.

Twilight Bedding has a retail shop in its facility on E. Trent Ave. And a lot of its mattresses are made for wholesale distributors and the hospitality industry.

“We’ve done the Mirabeau (Park) Hotel up here on Sullivan Rd. A few other ones in town,” recalled Defazio. “And a couple other ones out of Idaho.”

And more recently, it’s been providing beds for local college dormitories.

“Gonzaga just put an order in for a couple hundred beds.”

Defazio says very mattress made by Twilight Bedding starts on the quilting machine.

“And it quilts all the material together, as far as the ticking itself, which is the material on top. The FR, which is the fire resistant material, underneath that. And then the foam itself in the panel.”

From there, it goes to the seamstress for flanging, which helps them attach the quilting to the rest of the mattress.

A baler uses thousands of pounds of pressure to stretch out each set of mattress springs, which are then placed inside, before the mattress is filled by hand on this rotating table.

“Everything’s done by hand some way or another.”

Finally, the tape edge machine puts on the finishing touches.

“The tape edge grabs that tapered part of the surge or the flange and that’s how you sew the mattress shut from there,” said Defazio.

And because Twilight’s mattresses are locally made, Defazio says they’re able to do custom work as well.

“Corner cuts on the RV bed, beds that can actually flip on top of itself for pop out sections of the RVs. Stuff like that. Boat beds. And, you know, we’ve done round beds.”

Fire resistant material is in every single mattress it makes.

“The panel, the border itself and the thread to sew it shut.”

And as the only mattress maker in the area, Twilight isn’t about to fade away.

“We’re just going to expand. We have no choice,” said Defazio. “We’ve all been in the industry for a long time, we know how to do it and I honestly, I think we’re ready for it.”

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