Made in the Northwest: Spokane Hardware

SPOKANE, Wash. – Most people think of doors simply as something they open and close to get from one place to another. But that’s not the case at Spokane Hardware‘s door shop.

“We kind of take pride in it,” stated commercial sales manager Mitch Ongers. “They can be more intricate than you think.”

Spokane Hardware has been in business since 1946 and has a showroom where customers can shop for all kinds of hardware. But for the last 50 years, it’s also been a supplier of doors and door frames.

“So we work with our general contractors, supplying doors and frames like you see in our shop here for schools, hospitals, retail buildings,” said Ongers.

Most of its work stays in the greater Spokane area, but Ongers said some of its doors and frames are shipped well beyond the Inland Northwest.

“Montana, Idaho, Oregon. We do have some material that we do ship across to West Virginia, Hillsboro (Texas), down in the Boise area as well.”

All of Spokane Hardware’s doors are made of steel. And its small team can produce a pretty big number of them.

“We could do probably 100-150 doors a week, depending on what the intricacy is of it,” said Ongers.

The frames for those doors are just as important and can be made for either new or existing construction.

“If you’ve got a hole that you need a new door in, we can make something fit, whether it’s a custom size or a standard size. Either way,” explained Ongers.

Spokane Hardware’s handiwork can be seen in places like District 81 schools, The Hive, a non-traditional library and event space on E. Sprague Ave. and elsewhere.

“Glover Middle School. We just did the Skyline Elementary up on top of Five Mile,” said Ongers. “The libraries we’ve done – Shadle, downtown, Indian Trail is currently being worked on.”

It’s even done doors for another local company that builds concrete restrooms that go in public parks. And seeing their work when they’re out and about is something Spokane Hardware’s employees, including Ongers, take great pride in.

“It’s fun to go around and look at it and see your hard work and your accomplishments.”

Doors are what they do. So the next time you think of doors, Ongers said they hope you’ll think of Spokane Hardware.

“I want to try to be the best that we can be at it. Have that name behind it.”