Made in the Northwest: Spokandy

SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokandy has been a Spokane staple for more than 100 years, since it first opened as Riley’s Candy Company.

“Over the years, we evolved into a wholesale, retail candy company,” explained owner Todd Davis. “And, you know, we are Spokane’s candy company for sure.”

And it all started with its original product, the Murphy Ball.

“The whipped vanilla center, rolled in chocolate, rolled in toasted coconut is our founding product from 1913,” said Davis.

Today, Spokandy’s 30 employees make more than 110 kinds of chocolates.

“Everything from caramels to creams to truffles,” said Davis. “We have a full sugar free line. Our mints are very popular, our sandwich mints.”

There are close to 50 kinds of truffles, which Davis said customers love for obvious reasons.

“It’s the heavy whipping cream, the real chocolate that we use. They’re all hand decorated. They’re hand scooped. So there’s a lot of detail that goes into them.”

In fact, everything Spokane makes is handmade in some form or fashion.

“The attention to detail for us is critical,” stated Davis. “We want our customers to continue to get the same traditional, wonderful product that they did back in the 1900s.”

Davis said that makes Spokandy the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, because you can fill a heart shaped box with all of your sweetie’s favorite sweets.

“It’s a chance for them to come down and pack something special for the one that they love or a nice gift for someone just to recognize them on the holiday.”

Davis also says COVID-19 has changed his business, making it more of a wholesale supplier that reaches far beyond Spokane.

“We’ve had a lot of people come to us and want to put our products on their shelves. So we’re just worked really hard during COVID, keeping it safe and keeping the products going.”

And as with so many other companies, sourcing ingredients through supply chain issues has been a big challenge, because Spokandy refuses to skimp on quality.

“There’s a lot of ingredients out there, but there’s only certain ones that we’re willing to use to keep our tradition and our history and the quality of our products,” said Davis.

And that tradition and history will carry on, as Spokandy is expanding into the building next door to accommodate its growth, so it can continue being Spokane’s candy company.

“I think we’re grateful that Spokane hasn’t forgotten about us. And we just continue to do our very best to stay safe and sell candy all day long.”