Made in the Northwest: Revival Lighting

Made in the Northwest: Revival Lighting

You’ve almost certainly seen Revival Lighting’s retail store on W. Main in downtown Spokane. But step inside and it’s almost like stepping back in time. Revival Lighting opened its doors in 1999, but many of its products look like they could have been in someone’s home in 1899.

“What we like to do is restore american heritage of lighting, which is our first focus and passion,” explained owner John Hahn. “And I think that’s what has made us survive this long.”

And while you may see it as simply a way to light your house, Hahn sees lighting as much, much more. “It’s the jewelry of your house.”

Most of those dreams begin to take shape in a simple shop in E. Spokane. Revival’s small crew of lighting experts, including Morgan Wren, handle a large volume of reproduction lighting, restorations and custom designs. “Anything you can think of involving lighting, we pretty much can handle it,” said Wren.

In its finishing area, they take raw brass and dip it in patina solution to achieve a specific color. “So if you put it in, pull it out real quick, you get a light bond, which is a gold or maybe off brass color,” explained Wren. “But if you keep it in there for five, ten minutes, you get a much darker, bronze kind of brass color.”

Then, they essentially assemble new parts and make them look old. Or they take old parts and give them new life.

“This one right here is an old deco light that has glass shades that go in it,” Wren pointed out. “And what I’m going to do is run wires off the old sockets and just kind of run new wiring.”

Revival’s niche is so unique, its lighting is sold all across the United States and Canada. “Restaurants, hotels if you’re going for a super authentic look to it. We get contacted by a lot of designers and people that are looking for that. And that’s kind of what we specialize in,” said Wren.

And, of course, there’s a certain sense of satisfaction in taking a customer’s vision for what they want their lighting to represent and turning that into a reality.

“You see work you did ten years ago and you go into somewhere or something and like, ‘oh, interesting,'” said Wren.

“It’s fun to make other people’s dreams come true, too, and lighting their house,” adds Hahn.

Many of Revival’s Lighting pieces sell for several hundred dollars or more, but Hahn says they have something for everyone. “We feel like we’re the Nordstrom of lighting, because we offer so much and we give good service.”

And he hopes his vintage and antique lighting business remains a modern day relic for many years to come. “That it’s just a mom and pop, good ol’ Spokane store that continues to go on like it has.”