Made in the Northwest: Reiff Injection Molding

Made in the Northwest: Reiff Injection Molding

When a company needs parts, it will often turn to an injection molding company. And if it needs plastic parts done quickly and at a decent cost, Reiff Injection Molding may be the answer.

“We do stuff for telecommunications. That’s probably our biggest market share,” said vice president James McCall. “We also do some sporting goods, irrigation, dental.”

Injection molding, as McCall explains it, is “Taking plastic and changing it from one form to another. From a pellet, in our case. And we turn it into good product for other manufacturers, generally.”

On the day KXLY visited Reiff’s facility, the company was making three-quarter inch pipe parts at a rate of about 15 per minute. It was also making glow in the dark, six-cavity sardine bait holders, as well as 24-cavity plastic pieces that’ll go into fishing poles.

Those parts are made in Reiff’s 25 ton, one ounce press.

“25 tons is how much pressure it uses to push the mold together with,” explained McCall. “And one ounce is the amount of plastic that it can squish into the mold at one time.”

And that’s Reiff’s smallest machine. It’s biggest is a 390 ton machine that does 30 ounce molds.

With its granulator and color mixer, Mccall says Reiff recycles over 99 percent of the plastic that’s left over.

“We cut up the unusable part of the process, the screw and runner. We cut that back up and run it back through the machine when we can. We don’t want to send that to landfill. It’s not good for the environment. It’s not good for the next generation.”

Reiff makes a wide variety of custom plastic parts, including The Gripper cue caddy, designed by a local inventor who became overwhelmed making them in his garage.

“So he brought it to us and we helped him move into injection molding,” said McCall. “And now, we can make a part in about every two to three minutes.”

And Reiff hopes to keep making parts for years to come.

“We just keep expanding. We keep on pulling on new customers and new products. And we just want to keep doing that.”

Injecting real value through injection molding.

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