Made in the Northwest: Protein Puck launches campaign to help local food banks

SPOKANE, Wash. – Protein Puck has been producing its gluten free, vegan, protein packed products since 2013 and now has distribution in all 50 states. But with so many people losing their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic, and not knowing where their next meal might come from, the Spokane company felt compelled to help.

“We were in sort of a unique position to supply food pretty quickly, healthy food pretty quickly,” said Protein Puck owner Dave Tawney. “We could get it distributed regionally and nationally if need be.”

So Tawney and his wife, Brande, started the “Give a Puck for Your Neighborhood” campaign through the online fundraising site, Go Fund Me. For every dollar donated through the campaign, Protein Puck pledges to donate a puck to local food banks.

The first delivery was a pallet of Protein Pucks last week to Second Harvest of the Inland Northwest. Senior Vice President of Philanthropy Drew Meuer says protein is one of the hardest items for the non-profit to get its hands on.

“The great thing about Protein Pucks is that they are shelf stable and a really dense source of nutrients. And for folks that are stuck at home, we just couldn’t be more appreciative that we could distribute a product like that.”

And Second Harvest is especially appreciative of the donation during these difficult times.

“I’ve been with the food bank since 2009. We’ve never seen need grow so rapidly across our entire service area,” said Meuer. “It’s truly unprecedented.”

Tawney says Protein Pucks will be shipped to Pasco, Seattle and San Francisco this week. And he hopes to expand the reach in the next couple of weeks.

“We’d like to be sending pallets into New York, Philadelphia, New Orleans. Those are obviously areas that are hard hit and we can keep going from there.”

But Protein Puck needs the community’s support to make it happen.

“This is an opportunity where for $5 or $10, you’re literally feeding five or ten people a meal. And we’d love to see more people participate.”

The goal is $100,000, which would mean 100,000 Protein Pucks.

“And it’s gone well so far,” said Tawney. “But we think it can go a lot better.”

So give a puck and help a neighbor in need.