Made in the Northwest: Post Falls Brewing Company

It started as a hobby. Then, it turned into an obsession.

“And now, it’s this,” laughed Dan Stokes, a co-owner of Post Falls Brewing Company. “We were garage brewers. Went from five gallons at a time to 30 gallons at a time to now 15 barrels at a time.”

Dan Stokes and Alex Sylvain, a couple of local engineers, founded Post Falls Brewing Company in April 2016. The microbrewery makes about 800 barrels of beer per year and prides itself on creative, experimental beers.

“The fun is in experimentation,” explained Stokes. “New recipes. New techniques. We try new things all the time. We’ll put different spices or fruits in our beers. It’s interesting. Somebody likes whatever we make.”

And the owners especially like making India Pale Ales in several different styles, saying their proximity to Yakima Valley hops makes IPAs a no brainer.

“The best hops in the world come from Yakima, in my personal opinion,” said Stokes. “And we can drive down to the farms and pick them fresh off the plants.”

Stokes added having the best ingredients in all of their beers is a top priority.

“And if that means more expensive ingredients or more of them, then that’s what we do. So we’re not counting pennies here, we’re just trying to make the best product possible.”

Post Falls Brewing Company’s tap house, on the corner of Spokane St. and First Ave., is another huge part of its success, especially in the summer.

“The doors come up, so we have seating outside. We have people putting their boats in right there. You can go to the park and rock climb,” said Stokes.

And while a lot of breweries will rely on cans or bottles for their business, Post Falls Brewing Company relies on sales right here in the tap room, right where the beers are made.

“We sell more than half of our beer right here on site.”

And Stokes said the tap room allows for instant feedback from its customers.

“I’ll sit here and have a beer with customers and ask what they like about the beers, what they want to see. So it’s nice.”

Stokes says the brewery has room to expand in its current location, but he has no plans for this.

“Just total market domination (laughs). No, we’re just trying to own Post Falls. We like to have this to be a place for the locals. We like the community vibe here.”

And we think the locals would agree, as they continue to drink it in.