Made in the Northwest: Pacific Calls

Made in the Northwest: Pacific Calls

It could someday become Spokane Valley’s very own version of Duck Dynasty.

Pacific Calls has been making its mark in the waterfowl industry ever since its start in 2011. Whether it’s a duck call, goose call, or any other kind of call, the guys at Pacific Calls consider what they do for waterfowl hunting their calling.

“My dad got me into it when I was just a baby,” says Trevor Austin, one of the co-owners at Pacific Calls. “He was a guide back in the day and I just followed him around, and it’s been in my blood for a long time so I wanted to continue it somehow.”

Austin, along with fellow co-owner Alex Yerges, started the company in Yerges’ garage.

“We just found, more or less, a passion project, and luckily for us and our schedules – the way life worked out – we were able to pursue it at a higher level than what most people are,” says Yerges.

Pacific Calls, now located at off Montgomery Avenue, makes plastic and wood calls for ducks, geese, and turkeys. Its laser engraver is a big draw for customers who want their own logo or artwork on their calls.

“If anybody wants something certain on there, as long as it’s able for us to get and achieve and put on there, then we’re totally down to do it,” says Austin.

Different calls have different tones and pitches, which Austin and Yerges tune themselves.

“Different reed lengths will change that pitch,” Austin says. “Different slopes on the tone board will change that pitch. It’s just been years of blowing a duck call and a goose call and finding that right, perfect sound that you’ve been looking for.”

Pacific Calls makes up to 200 of its own calls each month and up to 1,500 a month for other companies.