Made in the Northwest: NW Laser Made

NW Laser Made is located right here in the Inland Northwest

A lot of wives would be content to let their husbands work alone in the shop. But not Nicki Slack.

“I wanted a way to be out here with my husband and do the artsy side of stuff that my husband doesn’t like to do.”

Jeremy Slack runs All American Manufacturing out the shop at their Spokane Valley home, making machined parts. And he says he kept getting asked questions like this one.

“‘Hey, can you make this sign on your machine?’ And we didn’t really have the right machine.”

So the Slacks invested in this Boss laser cutting machine and started their second business, which is Nicki’s baby, NW Laser Made.

“He does the car parts – the boy grungy, dirty stuff,” explained Nicki. “I like to make stuff look pretty and paint it. Yeah. Make people happy.”

The laser cutter can engrave wood, metal, stone or just about any other kind of material. And because of that, NW Laser Made can make a wide variety of products.

“We engrave cups, make signs, cutting boards, rolling pins, glassware,” said Nicki.

Right now, engraved cups are their best-selling items.

“It’s an easy handout. Giveaways for (the customer), advertising for them, advertising for us. Everyone likes tumbler cups.”

But for Nicki, custom signs that can be hung in your home or cabin are her favorite things to make.

“I personally like making the signs, because it stays in someone’s house and it’s a conversation piece.”

You can order from NW Laser Made’s website or buy their products at The Bohemian in Spokane Valley. And Jeremy sees a lot of potential in working with local businesses.

“Working with the realtors and local businesses to help promote their business.”

As for this husband and wife business, it works because their talents complement each other.

“Anytime there’s an issue with a machine or, ‘Hey, what do you think I should, what should this setting be?’ I’m the guy to ask,” said Jeremy. “And whenever there’s a, ‘Hey, what should it look like or what color should it be?’ That’s her department.”

And, of course, it doesn’t hurt that the Slacks actually enjoy working together.

“The main thing is that I get to work with my husband every day, seven days a week, 365. We haven’t driven each other crazy yet.”