Made in the Northwest: Mauk Fishing Stuff

Mauk Fishing Stuff
Mauk Fishing Stuff makes a variety of covers and sleeves for fishing tackle.

BREWSTER, Wash. – To say Mike Mauk loves fishing would be an understatement. But after moving back to Brewster and doing a lot of fishing with his mom, Mauk grew tired of the hooks on his fishing poles getting caught on things.

“I asked her, ‘We need to design something to keep this stuff from getting hooked on everything, so we can keep them ready to go,” recalled Mauk.

What they came up with was a tackle cover made out of clear vinyl and Velcro.

“We got it so we can just make it like a pole wrap. And it goes around and keeps the tackle from getting tangled up,” explained Mauk.

And that led to a cover for flashers and eventually a foldable, multi pocket sleeve for all of your tackle and your covers.

“So now, I got all this stuff here and they slide in here and these will roll up. And you can store these in your boat.”

Not only are the products are pretty simple to make, but they’re also durable and make it much safer on your boat.

“I got a lot of reviews on dogs, because, I mean, these hooks are really dangerous, man,” Mauk said of the fishing tackle. “Dogs, cats, animals, kids, ropes, carpets, you need some way to keep them out.”

But when he started, no one else was really making them. And now, after a few years, Mauk Fishing Stuff is finally catching on.

“People are seeing it as no joke. It works,” said Mauk. “It’s not just a piece of plastic. It’s quality vinyl and sewn on Velcro and it lasts.”

Not only has it caught the attention of local fishing guides, it’s caught the attention of the White House as well. But when Mauk received the call in 2018, he didn’t believe it at first.

“‘This is the White House calling?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, right. The White House.’ She says, ‘It is.’ I said, ‘So what does the White House want with me?'”

It wanted Mauk Fishing Stuff to represent Washington in the Made in America Product Showcase. And Mauk had to pinch himself once inside.

“It was just surreal to be invited to the White House. And we’re looking around like, ‘Wow! We’re in the White House and we got invited! Like, wow! This is amazing!’ So it was really a blast. Really an honor to represent Washington state.”

Mauk says he’s sold his products across the United States and Canada and as far away as Chile. But he relies on shows like the Big Horn Outdoor Adventure Show in Spokane to get the word out.

“So people can actually see the stuff I make. Touch and feel.”

And he’s hoping this is just the beginning for Mauk Fishing Stuff.

“I’m hoping it’ll last forever. I hope my kids and my grandkids can take over my business. It’d be Mauk Fishing Stuff forever.”