Made in the Northwest: Highwood Global

Made in the Northwest: Highwood Global

Highwood Global, which opened its Spokane facility in September 2015, operates in a huge facility off of Magnesium Road.

“We have 200,000 square feet under roof,” says Director of Sales and Marketing Frank Owens.

Most of the parts and products it manufactures are huge as well.

“Highwood is a contract manufacturer of fabricated metals, mostly medium to heavy gauge,” explains Owens. “You name it, we do it.”

With its 35 employees, Owens says Highwood Global serves a growing number of industries. “Oil and gas, aerospace, mining, minerals, explosives, aggregates. The marine industry is one of our newest.”

Highwood is currently building frames and pillars for a tier one aerospace company, which will then supply them to Boeing. But due to the confidential nature of the contract, Owens says Highwood doesn’t even know what Boeing will use them for. “They might be building wings, fuselage parts, things of that nature.”

But the bulk of the current work at Highwood global is going to a fracking project in Canada. The company has built, or is in the process of building, dozens of trailers that will be shipped north of the border.

These trailers weigh about 25,000 lbs. each. Once on site, twelve trailers, each with a bucket elevator, will be erected nose up, and pinned to a base.

“They will discharge sand at a phenomenal rate. Hundreds of tons a minute,” says Owens “The sand is essential to keep the ground stable as the oil is removed. The sand is forced into the ground to stabilize it.”

These trailers can take weeks to make, as each is carefully constructed and welded. When they’re finished, Highwood has its own paint booth and sandblasting booth on site, each of which it believes may be the biggest in the area.

Highwood has done a number of large scale projects for customers across North America and hopes to keep adding to its capabilities by buying new equipment, which includes two new CNC (computer numerical control) work centers.

It’s currently looking to hire more welders and machinists, so it can keep pace with its high expectations for the next few years. “We would see ourselves quadrupling our annual gross,” says Owens.

It’s a big goal, but it’s a company that specializes in doing big things.