Made in the Northwest: GSI helping local businesses recover

Inland Biz Strong
Inland Biz Strong is an online tool created by GSI to help local businesses.

SPOKANE, Wash. – Many local companies have shifted their focus recently to stay afloat and do what they can to help during the coronavirus pandemic. Greater Spokane Incorporated has had to shift its focus as well

“It’s really about helping make sure that our businesses in this community stay here and make it through this challenging time with COVID-19,” explained GSI CEO Alisha Benson.

GSI launched an online tool called Inland Biz Strong that any local business can use to get help.

“It actually spits out a report specific to them around the resources and assistance that might be available and meet their needs,” said Benson. “And that’s available to any business throughout the region, regardless of size, sector or otherwise.”

Benson is also leading the Regional Economic Recovery and Resiliency Framework, which she says is trying to make sure businesses “have access to the personal protective equipment, sanitation supplies, materials they’re going to need to be able to reopen.”

“You know, for most of our small businesses, that’s hard for them.”

It also wants to help market businesses as they reopen and support the needs of workers, among other things.

Benson believes GSI can help businesses do incredible things once they get back on their feet. She offered this message for those struggling in the Spokane area.

“To hang in there, to be patient and that we want to make sure we’re getting resources to them, because we want to make it as easy for them in this challenging time.”

It’s a challenge GSI is tackling head on.