Made in the Northwest: G5 BioSolutions

Firefighting agencies are using aircraft to fight wildfires more and more all the time. And when they do, many of them are turning to G5 BioSolutions in Deer Park for their chief product, BlazeTamer 380.

CEO Wayne Giles says BlazeTamer 380, “Is a water enhancer used on the forestry for wildland firefighting.”

Giles says it combines chemicals to create a linear chain polymer that binds the water molecules together, making it heavier, and helping the water drop like a blanket.

“When you bind the water molecules together and drop it on a fire, it’s a direct attack tool. So when the fire starts, that’s when you want to drop our product in.”

It also greatly reduces evaporation during water drops, so you get the full effect of the water.

“This puts it out and also prevents reignition for a long period of time,” said Giles.

Right now, the Deer Park company’s product is being used by the Department of Natural Resources in Washington, Idaho and Montana, as well as agencies in ten other states.

“They’ve been very happy with it and we have nothing but good feedback.”

Not only is BlazeTamer effective in fighting fires, Giles says it’s cost effective, too.

“We’re only talking an increase of approximately 30 to 40 cents per gallon, as opposed to other products out there that cost up to two dollars a gallon.”

It’s also biodegradable, making it environmentally friendly.

“It actually increases microbial activity in the ground,” explained Giles. “So it encourages natural regrowth.”

And it doesn’t take a lot of BlazeTamer 380 to effectively mix with the water. In an 800 gallon Fire Boss airplane, you only need about two and a half to three gallons.

G5 BioSolutions manufactures a number of different machines, called Fast Fillers, to help its clients mix BlazeTamer into the water while the aircraft is still in flight.

“It can actually be injected into the water and slight agitated and it’s ready to be used,” said Giles.

15,000 gallons of BlazeTamer has already been sold in 2018, enough for 2,000,000 gallons of water, as the company continues to grow.

“We’ve increased about 400 percent per year since we released this product three years ago,” said Giles.

And he only sees the company getting bigger in the future, fighting more fires across the country.

“We see it as being a staple for the U.S. Forest Service and any state agency that works with a direct attack approach.”