Made in the Northwest: Fox Trailers

Building trailers is in Chad Fox’s blood.

“Dad started building trailers back in the 80s,” recalled Fox, the president of Fox Trailers.

Fox took over his dad’s business in 1999. Fox Trailers, with its 15 employees, continues to be a local manufacturer of equipment trailers, utility trailers and car haulers.

And now, Fox Trailers does it all from its new, eight acre facility on Pleasant View Rd. in Post Falls.

“Getting closer to the freeway, a brand new office, a repair facility. Everything is running so efficiently with the new place. I couldn’t be happier,” said Fox.

Fox Trailers sells about 500 trailers a year and prides itself on keeping prices low. Fox says it’s able to do that because its materials are all sourced locally.

“All the lumber is coming from right here in Post Falls, the steel comes from Coeur d’Alene and all the other attaching parts come from Spokane.”

It also takes pride being able to offer customizations and still build the trailers far faster than bigger manufacturers.

“We can put an order in, take it down to the weld shop, have them build up a trailer within a week to two weeks and that customer has his trailer ready to go to work,” said Fox.

But a typical trailer without customizations can be built in less than a day. For a 10-thousand pound, 20-foot trailer, Fox says, “From start to finish in the manufacturing side – the welding, the fenders, the axles, everything that consists of building the trailer – is an eight hour build.”

The company’s spacious new facility has also led to a rapidly growing area of business in trailer repair.

“Within a year’s time, the repair facility is so far backed up that we’re looking to hire more people to get in there, to get the time’s down a little bit,” explained Fox.

For years, Fox Trailers has served as a dealer for other big brands of trailers, like Big Tex, Continental Cargo and, most recently, ATC.

“I’m very grateful for the manufacturers that we represent,” said Fox. “They’ve helped Fox Trailers grow.”

And after two decades in North Idaho, Fox says the company’s reputation is what keeps bringing in customers, new and old.

“We get people from Tri-Cities, from the middle of Montana. And a lot of it is word of mouth.”

And while manufacturing trailers will continue to be Fox Trailers’ backbone, it’s always willing to evolve with changing demands.

“The best thing for Fox is to listen to our customers and see what they’re looking for on that next build.”