Made in the Northwest: Fletcher’s Sauce Co.

SPOKANE, Wash. – Fletcher’s Sauce Co. prides itself on being made in Spokane.

“It’s all about Spokane. It really is,” said license bottler and salesperson Carol Stevens. “So this is a no brainer for us.”

The company was built on its barbecue sauce, which Stevens says is known for its thickness, flavor and quality.

“Ours does not start with a high fructose corn syrup or water, like a lot of barbecue sauce. Our main ingredient is actually ketchup, which should be in barbecue sauce.”

But in 2010, the previous owners developed Fletcher’s now extremely popular hot sauce.

“It was the easiest thing I literally have ever sold,” recalled Stevens. “I just had to get it in somebody’s mouth and they’re buying it.”

Stevens says the hot sauce isn’t “burn your face off” hot. You can actually still taste the food you’re putting it on and you it can put it on all sorts of things.

“Our hot sauce can go on anything from eggs to pizza and pretty much everything in between,” she explained.

Owner Rick Mattson recently moved the company to this facility in N. Spokane. The sauces are currently made in a 40-gallon pot. The bottles are still filled by hand before they’re capped and labeled on an automated line.

“And that, to us, is huge,” said Stevens, remembering the company’s humble beginnings. “We’ve come a long, long ways.”

But soon, Fletcher’s will switch over to a 200-gallon system that will do even more of the work for them.

“Total automated line with four heads filling at a time. And it’ll go down the line and it’ll put the Julian date on us with a laser jet gun,” said Stevens.

Fletcher’s has partnerships with a few different distributors so it can be found in several local stores.

“We are at all the Yoke’s in the meat department. All of the Rosauer’s on the shelf. We are at all of the URM Cash and Carries. We are at ten different WinCo locations and have been in the Northwest. And we’re all the Egger’s.”

It’s also hired a broker, as it hopes to start selling its sauce far beyond the Spokane area.

“We’re going to be in the Portland market, we’ll be going to the Seattle market, you can see us in Boise. So the more we grow, the more we get it out there.”

And the more they get it out there, the more Spokane can be proud of this locally made sauce.