Made in the Northwest: FastStik

FastStik is a snow sports wax in a tube that you can carry with you and apply without any tools.

SANDPOINT, Idaho – The traditional process for waxing skis and snowboards is a long and tedious. It can be very frustrating for competitive skiers who have to wax often.

Scott Barksdale, whose daughter was a competitive skier, thought to himself, “There’s got to be a better way.” So he develop FastStik, a snow sports wax in a tube just a little bigger than a key fob that you can carry with you and apply anywhere without any tools.

“It’s a microfilm, so it puts very little on, but it’s a very hard coating,” explained Barksdale. “So it lasts long because of that and it has a super wide temperature range because it doesn’t use the old fashioned technology of paraffin wax.”

FastStik works from -10 to 32 degrees, which is a godsend for ski shops that offer waxing, like Shred Sports Outlet in Spokane.

“At just over 40 degrees of temperature range, I can do the job of four different waxes all in one without having any extra tools,” said Matt Wakeley, a shop technician at Shred.

The company’s second product, FastStik Warm, is designed for 32 to 50 degree temperatures.

But it’s also a big time saver. Whereas a normal waxing process takes 30 minutes or more, you can apply FastStik in less than two minutes.

“I came up with the term waxpert,” laughed Barksdale. “It turns anybody into a waxpert, because before you would have to know what temperature wax to put on and how to apply it correctly.”

But with FastStik, you simply rub it on and you’re good to go, even while you’re on the mountain.

“I’ve very frequently carried it and done it right at the top of the chairlift and it is an amazing difference,” said Wakeley.

Shred believes in the product so much, it puts it on every new pair of skis it sells. And local ski maker T.J. Sneva of Sneva Manufacturing is also a fan.

“By far the best stuff I’ve had. Super durable. Lasts a long time,” said Sneva.

In fact, Barksdale says you can get 100 waxings out of one $40 tube of FastStik.

“It’s 40 cents an application. I mean, it’s unheard of. It’s the cheapest thing in snow sports.”

FastStik is catching on fast and Barksdale said he’s enjoying the ride.

“I just hope we make a good experience for people in the snow sports. I’m just having a fun with it. If it blows up, I’m ready for that. I can make a lot.”

And he may have to if FastStik continues to catch on.